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Thanks to our expertise in workwear and the use of the latest technologies, SquareNuts will identify the professional needs of your team and will offer the perfect workwear according to the specific needs. The comfort and safety of your staff is our priority! Let your people do what they do best, SquareNuts will take care of the rest!


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Horeca/Healthcare Catalogue

Customization Techniques


squarenuts screen printing

Screen printing


Screen printing is the most widely used method of printing and it’s offering the best price / quality ratio.

This printing technique is based on the principle of the stencil and is suitable for cotton substrates, nylon, polyester and nonwoven materials. It can print up to 12 colors per logo and the inks used are dried at 180 ° C to ensure optimum resistance to repeated washing.

The cost of screen printing mainly depends on the number of colors to print but also on the type of support and the number of pieces to print.



squarenuts embroidery



The embroidery is to decorate a fabric by sewing a thread to replicate a pattern.

This classic decoration technique offers a high quality look to your support for its unmatched elegance.

Its lifetime is equivalent to the one of the garment but it does not always allow to reproduce every detail of a visual.

The cost of the embroidery depends on the number of required stitches to reproduce the visual and the number of parts to embroider.


squarenuts flexographie flocking

Flexography / Flocking

Printing flex(ography) is a printing technique that involves applying hot vinyl sheet cut by a digital plotter.

This printing technique in one color is mainly used for printing simple logos, mere numbers and lettering on sports equipment (printing numbers on the jerseys of a sports team for example).

The cost of flexography depends on the print size and the number of pieces to be printed.

The flocking is carried out in the same manner as flexography but with a velvet effect.

squarenuts transfer


The transfer is a printing technique that involves printing the visual mirror on a sticker film to subsequently transfer the high temperature on any textile support.

This printing technique is perfect for logos with many colors and gives very specific details.

It is an economical solution for multi-color printing in small quantities.

The cost of the transfer depends on the print size and the number of pieces to print.

squarenuts sublimation


Sublimation is a printing technique to reproduce color images on polyester supports.

The cost of sublimation is dependent on the print size and the number of pieces to be printed.


squarenuts laser engraving

Laser engraving


Laser engraving is a precise process that can be used on many surfaces. It is the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The laser does not transmit color, but it can change the color of the engraved item. The power-process light with mirrors is simple but powerful. Any color change of the article is caused by interaction between the laser and etching the material being. Because Laser engraving is precisely this method can be used on many surfaces, it is considered the ideal method for printing promotional items. Lasers can be directed precisely on small areas and may be set for thou sands of repetitions.

squarenuts label in rubber

Label in rubber

Clothing labels can be made from PVC or silicone.

There are a range of different styles to the inclusion of the logo of a catchy and original way.

squarenuts woven label

Woven Label

The custom label identification improves and strengthens the brand.

This is the best way to make personalized and unique items.

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