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Wrapping & Packaging   


The first impression determines whether a product is approached or ignored. Adding to the different standard functions of packaging, it also has to convey the brand’s message and make sure the product stands out in the crowd. Therefore, SquareNuts takes care of finding the ideal packaging for your product to obtain the best synergy to draw attention, communicate the nature of a product, convey a global positive impression and clearly distinguish your product from others.



SquareNuts creates your displays. We customize your displays such as banners and totems, displays for interior and exterior environments as well as foldable and expandable stands to offer the needed visibility. With well analyzed concepts and innovative ideas for your displays, we put your product in the spotlight so that it becomes a sensational event.





For the premiums, advertising goods and business gifts designed especially for you, we provide specialised assistance to accompany you every step of the process: concept, design, purchase, realisation,… We customise every step to boost your communication through your promotional goods.





We gather a network of partners in logistics which will guarantee a professionnel and on-time delivery of your order. We collaborate with reliable partners who deliver your products in a perfect condition.





The management of a complete collection of promotional goods and textiles can be a lot of work. That’s why SquareNuts, as a ‘full service provider’ can offer you with its B2B sales website E-Square. This will facilitate recurrent orders. The flexibility and easy use of the platform will save you precious time. Thanks to E-square, you will be able to outsource the management of your promotional goods range for your shops and/or franchises. E-square is a smart and economic choice.





We believe that the cornerstone of our success is the high level of quality that we are maintaining. We have developed considerable expertise in working with suppliers of all sizes and types. An intimate awareness of a supplier’s strengths and weaknesses is an essential tool in determining to whom the order should be placed. To ensure a high level of supplier quality, Squarenuts follows a rigorous selection process, as follows: Factories: All suppliers are screened before being utilized to ensure that they meet minimum criteria with regards quality of output and timeliness of delivery. Quality Check: All goods are checked according the AQL 2.5 standard against defined specification sheets by our Quality Control teams before the goods are shipped.

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